Boxing Bag Classes are a Great Workout for Everyone and FUN!


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Despite common misconceptions, boxing bag training is not just for professional boxers. Far from it; just about anyone can benefit from a boxing bag class. Neither the workout nor the bag discriminate based upon age, gender or fitness level. The bag is a constant that can help you to improve health and fitness, or maintain existing levels. A boxing workout old-fashioned? No way! It’s one of the latest trends in health and fitness. Still have your doubts about the benefits of a boxing bag class? Check out these five ways that training with a punching bag can improve your health:

1. Better Cardiovascular Health and Fitness

Punching and kicking the bag repeatedly in coordinated ways during a class helps the heart and lungs to get an excellent cardiovascular workout. Intensity and pace changes throughout the class, which challenges the metabolic system in ways that a typical cardio training session just cannot accomplish. A boxing bag class gives a complete and comprehensive workout where other forms of cardio fall short.

2. Builds Strength and Power

Both punches and kicks ensure that your arms, shoulders, back, legs and chest all get an excellent workout during a boxing bag class. Your core and trunk are also engaged, building up more strength and power to kick and punch. Many boxing class students notice that as the muscles and core get stronger, overall strength and power increases.

3. Improved Reflexes and Coordination

During a class, circling the bag and punching and kicking it using different combinations helps you to stay agile on your feet. Many boxing class students report dramatically improved hand to eye coordination as well as overall balance and stability. Students can exercise a variety of movements and combinations to fit their health and fitness levels, building stronger and more adept reflexes with each and every class.

4. Helps to Reduce Stress

Stress in life tends to build up over time, and many people just don’t have access to a safe and healthy way of releasing it. Most of us has thought, at one time or another, “I sure wish I had a punching bag right now!” Working out with a boxing bag helps to release pent up anger and reduce stress hormones. In their place, mood-enhancing serotonin and endorphins are released — the body’s chemicals of happiness and well-being.

5. Sculpts Your Body

Both upper and lower body muscles are thoroughly engaged with the boxing techniques in a boxing class. There are a variety of movements used during the class, and one of the long terms benefits is better definition of the muscles and a more fit, sculpted look. Yes, in addition to cardio, strength, coordination and stress-busting benefits, boxing enhances your physique, too… Score!

Clearly, boxing bag workouts have tremendous benefits for just about anyone. Whether you’re looking for a refreshing alternative to your current workout routine or want to take your health and fitness to the next level, a boxing bag class can be just what you need.